Al Majaz Premiere Hotel Apartments

To make your stay more wholesome and as comfortable as  possible, Al Majaz Première offers a range of options to help you unwind and  relax.

Swimming Pool


Plunge into our temperature-controlled, indoor swimming pool on the  roof top of our 22-storey hotel apartment. Soak yourself in water while you  enjoy the panoramic view of the entire city on one side and the serene view of  the lagoon on the other.



The hotel apartments features a rooftop swimming pool, steam room, fitness center, for your relaxing moments, all at your disposal to make your stay in Sharjah as pleasurable as possible.


Life Fitness Cardio zone:
• Treadmill
• Cross Trainer
• Upright Bike
• Indoor Rower with Monitor

Live Fitness strength zone:
• Multigym 3 station
• Leg Press
• Rear Delt
• Smith Machine
• Rubber plate set in Kgs (2 plates each, 1.25, 2.5,5,10 & 20)
• Spring collar

• Leg Raise
• Ab Bench
• Back extension bench
• Adjustable bench
• Dumbells set 20 kgs.
• Gym Balls

A dedicated fitness Instructor is present at all times to provide guidance and motivation for regular exercise.

Men’s and women’s locker rooms are available for day use only, keys to be returned to the reception on daily basis. Towels are provided at the Reception counter. 


Hours of Operation:
Sunday – Saturday

Ladies timings - 09:00hrs. 13:00hrs.
Gents timings - 14:00hrs. 21:00hrs


When it comes to our Spa facilities, we have a steam and sauna rooms. all with a shower and separate changing rooms for the men and women.

Sauna Room Steam Room

Membership includes the use of swimming pool and gymnasium. Our Gymnasium instructor will help you in body-building, slimming, muscle toning for men and ladies.

CONTACT US AT +971 6-552-1555