Al Majaz Premiere Hotel

Need to reserve 10 or more apartments, meeting or event space, or a combination of both? Tell us a little about your event, then we’ll contact you and plan it together.

Lagoon Banquet Room

Lagoon Banquet Room can cater from 60 to 80 guests. If you are planning a business meeting space with Apartments for group we plan it for you and also offer special rates.

Planning any events i.e. birthday celebration, product launches or wedding party- we’ll plan it for you as per your requirements.

Oak Meeting

Planning a quick business meeting , training or workshop - this is the ideal place. Located in a separate floor with a pre-meeting area. It caters from 30 to 50 guests, audio-visual equipment along with lunch or dinner arrangements.

Oak Meeting Room – has a seating capacity of 15 – 20 persons.

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